Frozen Bliss Smoothie

I’m absolutely obsessed  with this smoothie at the moment. It is perfect fit for those hot summer days when your appetite is in the basement. It’s refreshing and nutritious. It is also a prefect substitute for breakfast or a snack..

It is very easy to make, just put pineapples, strawberries and blueberries into blender and there you go. If you want something extra, try adding banana and a 2 fl oz of simple syrup to it – it’s very tasty!


Frozen Bliss Smoothie
Serving: 2

1 cup Frozen strawberries, slice
1/2 cup Frozen blueberries
1/2 cup Frozen pineapple
2 fl oz simple syrup (optional)
1/2 Frozen Banana (optional)
2 fl oz Water

1. In a blender combine the strawberries, blueberries, pineapples and banana and blend until smooth.
2. Add water and simple syrup depending on how thick or thin you like it. Enjoy!

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