Petits Eclair a la Creme

This recipe is a throwback from my pastry class at ICE. Throughout the years, I’ve always been intimidated doing anything that required me to bake. I never gave it much thought as to why I was afraid, I just figured that I was never made for something of such.
The first day we arrived in pastry (MOD 4), we all introduced ourselves to the pastry instructor. I remember saying my name followed by how much I dislike pastry, little did I know the plans that class had for me. On the first day we did an assortment of muffins and shortcakes just to name a few, by the third day I felt like a pro…lol. Not only did I have an amazing pastry chef instructor, but by the second week I gained an incredibly love for pastry, something I never thought would have happened in a million years. Since graduating school, I’ve been experimenting with different flours and trying to bake any little thing I can.
The short lesson here is never underestimate yourself until you’ve done something you dislike at least once! And even when you fail at it the first few times, just keep at it until you’ve prefect it.

Married and Cooking

For as long as I can remember Eclairs were my least favorite thing to try, until now. I guess it depends on the individuals preference on what they fill them with. Unlike, using traditional vanilla pastry cream, these eclairs are filled with creme moussline pralinee. Although, it is still pastry cream, it’s pastry cream with a much richer flavor, and mellow on the palate.

Combine the butter and water in a pot, melting the butter. Bring to a boil, then add the flour, sugar and salt all at once.

Stir vigorously to remove any lumps from the flour. Continue cooking the paste. The mixture should form into a ball and a skin forms on the bottom of the pot.

Transfer the paste to a kitchen aid bowl. Beat for 30 seconds to slightly cool. Gradually add the eggs. Be sure to scrape the side of the bowl. Once all the…

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